Residential Excavation Contractor Services in Chester County

How Our Excavation Contractors Can Help

Morrison Custom Concrete, Inc. provides residential excavation services and landscape grading services in Chester County and the surrounding areas.

Our skilled and dedicated team members are well-equipped to handle any kind of outdoor additions you want to make to your home or property.

From stormwater, site prep, landscape grading and additions, we can assist you with your project from start to finish.

Types of Residential Excavation Services

Residential excavation service covers a variety of services and projects from removing rocks and soil to grading a slope. Some of the projects that Morrison Custom Concrete, Inc. can help you with include:

Shed on a slab

Storage Sheds

Excavation contractors clearly mark the shed’s footprint and any access paths to guide the excavation process. In addition, we assess the soil type and any potential hidden utilities to ensure a safe shed construction project.

Recreation areas

Recreation Areas

First, excavation contractors will clearly mark the area designated for excavation and any planned features like seating areas or pathways. Using specialized excavation equipment, they carefully reshape the land according to the new design.

Morrison Backyard Pond


The excavation process sculpts the land, shaping the foundation for the pond’s size, shape, depth, and desired features. To create a backyard pond, professional excavation contractors evaluate the land, soil type, and drainage patterns.



Before an addition is built, crucial groundwork must be tackled. This process involves digging and preparing the soil where the new addition will stand. Vegetation and debris are cleared to shape the footprint of the foundation.

Pole Barns

Pole Barns

The excavation process prepares the ground for the pole barn’s foundation, ensuring a stable and long-lasting structure. Professional excavation contractors evaluate the land and potential obstacles like underground utilities before getting started.

Utility Trenching

Utility Trenching

After a precise planning process that takes into account the existing utilities, potential obstacles, and regulations, excavation contractors select the best excavation method for efficiency and safety, to protect workers and nearby structures.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

This strategic excavation process uses carefully planned techniques to protect landscapes from degradation, including creating leveled sections on slopes to reduce the impact of water runoff, building gentle ditches and mounds to divert water flow, and constructing barriers to hold back soil on steep slopes.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management

This process creates underground systems that safely handle rainwater, protecting both your property and the environment. By slowing down water flow control runoff, excavation contractors reduce soil erosion and protect valuable topsoil while protecting homes from water damage.

Additional Landscape Grading and Excavation Services

Landscape Grading and Excavation Services

Site Preparations

These include clearing the site of any obstacles, leveling the ground for improvements, and preparing the site for any additions that may be added.

Footings & Foundations

Work with an experienced excavation contractor to dig and pour the footings and foundation. These supportive structural elements need to be completed properly for the longevity of your project.

Retaining Walls

Properly supporting sloped areas with retaining walls can help prevent erosion, and ensure that any feature added to your property remains strong over the years.

Landscape Grading Services

Sloped areas are detrimental to home additions. It is important to make sure that these areas are graded or slope correctly to facilitate any work done on the property.

Stormwater Management

Using our knowledge and excavation equipment we can help control the excess runoff from rainwater or snow melt to reduce flooding and erosion. Along with designing stormwater infiltration trenches which townships sometimes required when adding impervious areas to your property.

Excavation Process

  1. Find a trusted excavation contractor ✔️ – Morrison Custom Concrete is a licensed home improvement contractor (license #5338), with over 20 years experience doing excavation projects in Chester County.
  2. Survey the site – Next, the excavation contractor will survey the site to ensure that every area that needs to be excavated, leveled, etc. is addressed. 
  3. Discuss design options –  The excavation contractor will detail the design and process with you, highlighting any potential deviations uncovered in the site survey. 
  4. Clear the site – Before any improvements can be made to the site, any obstructions or general debris needs to be removed by the excavation team. PA -1 call will be contacted to mark all of the utilities they are responsible for. 
  5. Excavate and level the site – Once the site is cleared and prepped, excavation work can begin. After all the soil and rocks are cleared, the site must be leveled to support the foundation. 
  6. Install the foundation and other project features – Next, the team pours the footings and lays the foundation for the project. Any additional aspects or features, such as retaining walls, will also be added at this point.
  7. Finish the project with landscape grading services – Finally, landscape grading and re-sloping services are performed to ensure that your project remains level and stable in the future.

Equipment Used in Residential Excavation Services

We have a variety of equipment used for residential excavation services including skid loaders, mini excavators, and dump trucks. The skid loader allows us to quickly and efficiently move equipment and supplies around the job site. The mini excavator service allows us to perform excavation and foundation work in areas that would be too tight for conventional excavators. The dump truck helps us to quickly excavate and clear an area of materials that would be in the way of improvements to the property.