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Stamped concrete walkways deliver excellent and interesting hardscaping features at half the price of brick! You can select stamped patterns from many different textures such as rock, bricks, and even wood grain. Upgrade your landscaping with a decorative concrete walkway orchestrated to perfectly fit into the design of your yard that offers safety, easy maintenance, and is cost-effective.

Concrete is easy to maintain when compared to weeding between pavers or bricks. They can be power washed and are easily shoveled after a Pennsylvania snowstorm. Stamped concrete walkways are sealed to protect them from cracks and crumbling. This relatively easy maintenance should be performed every other year for durability. The sealant will not fade or chip if properly maintained.

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What are the Advantages of Using Stamped Concrete Over Pavers?

  1. Stamped concrete can be colored to match existing structures for seamless integration into the landscape architecture.
  2. Stamped concrete walkways do not have to be weeded between the “bricks” or “stones”.
  3. They offer a stable and level walkway accessible by wheelchairs, without the risk of stumbling and falling over a loose stone.
  4. Stamped concrete can be made to closely match your existing driveway or patio.
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What do Stamped Concrete Walkways Look Like?

If you desire a decorative, meandering, or whimsical path through your garden, to your front door, around your home to your back patio, or to just about anywhere else in your yard, you should consider using stamped concrete instead of bricks, pavers, and stone. It’s less expensive, easier to maintain, and looks just as nice. If done by an expert, a stamped concrete walkway can be made to look like it was made from stones, bricks, or pavers.

How to Care for a Stamped Concrete Walkway?

Like standard concrete, when appropriately designed, treated, and maintained, stamped surfaces will last for a long time. To retain its elegance and prolong its life span, here are tips for washing and repairing your stamped concrete:

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What Is The Best Way To Clean And Maintain Stamped Concrete?

It is easy to keep stamped concrete walkways clean and neat. Using a broom, leaf blower, and a soft detergent, clean the walkway periodically to discourage soil build-up. After cutting your grass, the leaves have fallen, or on a particularly windy day, it takes very little time to remove debris from your walkway. Sometimes you may also want to wash your walkway.

Instructions for Washing Stamped Concrete:

  1. Using warm water in a pressure washer will effectively remove most debris, but be aware of the sealer, and try not to remove it.
  2. Alternatively, you can use a push broom and a small amount of liquid dish soap to clean your walkway.
  3. Make sure to rinse any soap off your walkway.
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When is the Best Time of Year to Add a Stamped Concrete Walkway in Chester Country?

Often concrete contractors are quickly booked in the spring and summer. It’s best to contact Morrison in the fall, winter, and early spring to get on the schedule quickly. Mild Pennsylvania winters allow the team at Morrison Custom Concrete, Inc. to work throughout the year, although freezing conditions may hinder excavation and cement work.

If you want the best stamped concrete walkway, give Morrison Custom Concrete, Inc. and schedule your free consultation today!

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