Landscaping Design Ideas Using Concrete

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The use of concrete in backyard landscaping is gaining popularity due to the many advantages it has over traditional grass yards or alternative building materials. Find out how you can benefit from stamped concrete landscaping by Morrison Custom Concrete Inc. through custom designs to fit your backyard dreams. Morrison Custom Concrete can create the stamped concrete patio, stamped concrete sidewalk, stamped concrete pool deck or stamped concrete driveway you’ve envisioned.

Advantages of Landscaping with Concrete

Concrete has long been a popular and reliable building material, but did you know that concrete can also be a beautiful and versatile landscaping material as well? Stamped concrete has many advantages in the world of landscaping design including versatility, affordability, and durability.

Flexibility in Color, Shape, & Pattern

Concrete is an extremely versatile material, coming in various colors, and customizable shapes and patterns. The concrete is poured by a professional concrete contractor. You choose the color you want and the concrete contractor uses a color hardener to add and strengthen the color of the newly poured concrete. Alternatively, you could choose to die the concrete later in the process. Then you choose the pattern for your concrete and the concrete contractor applies stamping mats to form the pattern. Whatever you want, your concrete contractor can create for you!


Compared to natural stone, stamped concrete is extremely affordable and can be made to look like natural stone. Additionally, maintenance is limited so long-term costs are low as well.

Low Maintenance

Stamped concrete can last between 10-20 years when properly maintained. Unlike brick or stone, stamped concrete maintenance is minimal and simple; power wash the surface in the summer and shovel snow off in the winter. Although cracks and splits can develop, they can be fixed by re-sealing every 2-3 years so you won’t have to worry about weeding! If you need help resealing, contact your stamped concrete contractor.

Longevity & Durability

Stamped concrete is strong and lasts longer than traditional building materials like bricks or stone because it is one piece and does not shift or move over time. Stamped concrete is installed to reduce the risk of developing splits or cracks and a sealant coat is applied on top to increase the longevity of the surface.

Increased Curb Appeal

Walkways and driveways are the first things guests notice as they approach your home. You can vastly improve the curb appeal of your home and in turn, increase your home’s value by up to 15 percent, by installing a beautiful custom stamped concrete walkway or driveway!

Where can you use Concrete Landscaping in your Yard?

The possibilities of custom stamped concrete landscape designs are endless. In addition to the popular stamped concrete pool decks, driveways, walkways, and sidewalks, you can use stamped concrete in your backyard as a modern and durable fire pit. Your yard can be transformed with a stamped concrete patio or outdoor living room or dining area where you can entertain guests. Additionally, stamped concrete can be used for sitting walls, and footing and block wall foundations, or even create cutouts for plants!

How can you Get Started Landscaping your Yard with Concrete?

To begin the concrete landscape design process for your backyard, contact a concrete contractor like Morrison Custom Concrete Inc. Experienced professionals can guide you through the stamped concrete installation process, help you choose colors and stamps that match your vision, and develop a custom concrete design that fits the needs of your backyard. Contact Morrison Custom Concrete today to get a quote and discuss your design ideas.