Top 5 considerations before installing stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete

Have you been considering updating your porch or patio? Upgrading your home’s outdoor space can help change up the look and feel of your home and provide you with beautiful results. It can even add value to your home.

When creating a patio or outdoor area, stamped concrete is a great option. However, doing your research first will help to alleviate any concerns. Stamped concrete is a lower-cost alternative to other landscaping options, but last longer than other materials, holding up better in the long term against the elements and the general wear and tear of weather and time. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether stamped concrete is the right choice for your home.

Learn about patterns and coloring options

One reason that stamped concrete is so popular is that you have a wide selection of patterns and colors to choose from. When determining whether stamped concrete is a sensible option for your home, look into the possibilities that are available with stamped concrete as opposed to other options, like flagstone or asphalt. Stamped concrete comes in many different designs, and your stamped concrete contractor can even help you choose a design that looks like natural stone but costs less and lasts longer.

Determine the best time of year

Although you may be eager for your stamped concrete contractors to get started on your landscaping project, it is always best to wait for a time when the weather is moderate. Spring or fall are usually the best times to install stamped concrete because temperatures are milder than in the middle of winter or summer. Also, reduced risk of storms makes the spring and fall months more desirable as well, since even a heavy rainstorm can destroy fresh concrete. Your concrete contractor will be better able to advise the best time of year to install stamped concrete in your area.

Research additional design features

Not only is stamped concrete a less costly and more durable option compared to natural stone and other materials, but the design possibilities are more diverse as well. If desired, you can choose to have your concrete contractor mimic the look of flagstone or other natural stone, wood, or even brick. You can add additional features like fire pits, sitting walls, and other hardscaping details.  Your stamped concrete will last longer than these options and still look gorgeous.

Consider a maintenance program

Talk to your stamped concrete contractor about a maintenance program for your patio or outdoor area. It’s important to properly maintain your concrete by keeping it clean and sealed from the elements. This will prolong the life of your stamped concrete and ensure that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Choose the right concrete contractor

The most important decision when it comes to finding an option that works for you is making sure that you have a reputable and reliable stamped concrete contractor to help you create the beautiful outdoor space of your dreams. Morrison Custom Concrete is a concrete contractor who will advise you on the best time of year to install stamped concrete and can assist with design options, as well as providing a maintenance plan to ensure that your stamped concrete lasts for a very long time. Contact Morrison Custom Concrete today and discover the endless possibilities!